Young people have a lot going on: school, social media, growth, doubts, friendships, loves, confusion and experimentation. 


When I was at school (far too far back in the dim and distant past to be comfortable!) I would really have appreciated being given some support and guidance on:
- how to believe in myself
- where I might want to go after school was over
- how to deal with bullying
- how to write a great CV and
- how to consider future careers.

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Motivational speaking

Building self esteem

Considering careers

Learning to learn

I love to work with schools and classes to do just this.  I will join you to talk to groups about topics such as the above, not as a dry subject but as an entertaining adventure using my own life's stories and learning.  My aim is to demystify some of the world out there for young people.

This offer can be as flexible as needed.  I can come in for one assembly, though this does have limited impact, or I can work with a group or class in an interactive workshop environment.

If this is something your students would benefit from please get in touch. 
Once we have discussed and identified what you want to achieve I will provide you with an estimate for the work and, of course, what you'll get in return. 


I'll then work with you to create a session plan that I will deliver, with follow up ideas included to help you keep up the momentum once I've gone.