Distance Reiki


Distance Reiki

As a Reiki Master Teacher I offer 30 minute (£20) and 55 minute (£30) distance healing/Reiki sessions at an agreed time and date so you can make sure you are in a place where you can receive the reiki in as a relaxing place as you can find.  Sessions can be done offline in which case I'd need a photo of you where I can see your forehead; or online via a video call in which case we can see each other and sit with each other virtually.

10% of fees go directly to help Gabriella's Grab for Independence who is a little girl with Cerebral Palsy and needs lots of support to get the best start in life.

Complete the form below with your details and we can sort out a date and time for a session.  Once we agree those then I'll ask you to come page to this page and click the Donate Now button below to be taken to a JustGiving page to make your payment before we have our session.  I ask for the minimum payments stated above but feel free to donate more if you wish.

What is Reiki?


The word Reiki consists of two Japanese syllables and is pronounced RAY-KEY.


The translation of these syllables depends on their pronunciation; we will look at one of them.


The meaning of Rei is free passage. The meaning of Ki is Universal Energy, as in Akido, it is the same energy that the Chinese call Chi as in Tai Chi.

There has been much research into ‘Energy’ and many different people have given it many different names, such as; W.Reich calling it Orgone, Russian researchers called it Bioplasmic energy, however Chi, Ki and Prana are the names which are most widely known. It has been proven that everything consists of energy including ourselves – so the best way to treat ourselves if we are ill or out of balance is with energy. The energy re-establishes this balance.
We all have Ki energy flowing through us.

As in most things in life, Reiki must be experienced to be appreciated, and never forget.

No matter what anybody says, no version is more powerful than another.
Reiki is Reiki whatever name it is given – Seichem, Karuna, Shambala, Tibetan or any other names. It is all Reiki.

The 5 Reiki Principles

Just for today do not worry

Just for today do not anger

Honour your parents, teachers and elders

Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude to everything