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It's their stuff not yours

Are you listening to the nay-sayers when you announce you are about to do something challenging whether a sports event, change in job or life change? I was recently listening to the Tough Girl Podcast and it was an interview with Sarah Williams herself who normally does the interviewing. She was talking about the mental toughness needed when doing challenging events and those people who almost try to put you off. It made me think.

How often have you announced that you are planning on doing something big and someone you speak to comes straight out with a note of caution, or questioning your sanity. I regularly challenge myself with physical challenges such as the Rat Race Man vs Lakes marathon or their two-day Coast to Coast adventure race. Some people I speak to when I book on to these events come out with comments like "is that not dangerous", "let's hope you don't damage yourself permanently", "are you really going to be able to manage that?" As Sarah said, that's their stuff, it's their first thoughts from their perspective with their fear with them imagining them doing it. It's nothing to do with you.

So are you listening to that? Or are you listening to your own thoughts, knowing what training you have done or will do; and with the confidence and previous experiences you'll take with you?

So what change do you need to make to your life, your work? Most guidance on goal setting suggests that one of the key steps is to tell others what you are planning to do to show public commitment. However be careful who you share your thoughts and plans with. You know who those people are in your life that when you tell them of a challenge their responses will be "go for it", "what an amazing thing to do", "I can't wait to hear all about it". They are the ones to share with.

If you are sitting there thinking "I have something challenging to do, but I can't think of anyone who'll cheer my corner" then contact me and I'll be that person for you. Believe me I know how important it is to have those people in your life, not only when planning to do something amazing, but also during the challenge when you hit those moments when your mind or body wants to stop. Even if those supportive people aren't physically there with you in that moment, they are most certainly there in spirit. Let their support carry you across the finish line.

If you want to see one of my challenges then check my latest short vid Coast to Coast 2016 You can certainly see the highs and lows. My supporters were there with me in my internal dialogue.

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