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Clutter consulting/Getting organised/Making space


Let's face it, sometimes life can just get on top of us and we are so busy working and living that we accumulate 'stuff', both physical and emotional

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Clutter Consulting

Personal organisation

Clearing stuff

Making space in your home

Something unique that I offer is clutter consulting.  I will work with you on two fronts. 

  1. We'll look at the reasons behind the clutter in your home or maybe it's simply your email inbox. 
    Why so disorganised? 
    When did it start? 
    How do you feel when you look at the mess around you and how do you want to feel?
    What have you tried to sort it out before that didn't work for you/didn't stick?

  2. We'll also physically walk around your house to look at getting organised. 
    Where can stuff be put away? 
    What stuff can you let go of? 
    What organisational system will work best for you as we all work and think differently? 
    I'll even bring overalls so we can get right down to it and move things around. 

    If we are looking at your email inbox rather than a whole house we'll sit together and look at how you use email and then what solutions are available; the idea being to make it as effortless and automated as possible.

If you are living with some form of clutter and need help clearing it then give me a shout.

Prices vary depending on the scale of the issue.  If it's as simple as getting your inbox organised then a couple of hours of work will usually set you up for success.  This would be £250.

If, however, it's a whole house we are aiming to organise then prices start at £1000. 
This includes two half days of work in your home:
- the first day to get the ball rolling and get the sleeves rolled up. 
- the second, a few weeks later, to review what's working, refine where it's not and leave you confident that you can keep going on your own.