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We spend much of our time at work, thinking about work and doing work.  Yet how many of us are really satisfied with our roles. Maybe you feel you are worth more than you are getting.  Perhaps you are considering a career change but aren't sure what to do next.  Or you've had a career stoppage such as redundancy or retirement.  Career coaching may be your next step.

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Career Coaching

Mid Career Consultations

Interview support

Career Transitions

Career coaching is a specific form of coaching where, as well as pure coaching, I will also work with you and support you with appropriate advice too.

Specific areas I've worked with people on are:


  • Job application support - helping clients to write the best application possible, or CV if needed.

  • Interview preparation - this has involved interview advice and interview practice.  As a little nugget of extra info for you - I love being interviewed.  Let me pass on my enthusiasm to you.

  • Promotion discussions - creating a well worded argument as to why it's time for a promotion at your next mid year review.

  • Retirement planning - working out what to do next with your time.

Maybe...perish the thought... the time has come to go out into the big wide world and run your own business.  I will help you create a comprehensive business plan so you can set yourself up for success.


How do sessions work?

I do all of my coaching sessions through online video sessions using Zoom, WhatsApp and FaceTime as appropriate.  This allows both myself and clients to be highly flexible in terms of session dates and times.  It means no travel time or costs and means clients can work in their own comfortable environment.

In between video sessions I am fully available to clients through WhatsApp text chat.  This is something I am committed to because within a coaching environment so much of the change and movement you make happens outside of sessions.  Being able to communicate and check-in through text helps me to help you maintain momentum.

What are my costs?

Coaching is about real change, life changing change, not simply a chat.  So investment needs to be made on both sides of the relationship.

Before any formal bookings I insist on a free video chat so I can find out more about you and what you are wanting from Coaching.  It's also so you can ask me any questions and check I'm the right coach for you.  Connection with a coach is key to success.  I won't be offended if I'm not right for you!

I only accept block bookings of sessions.  This makes sure you the client are committing to investing your time and effort over a period of time.  Yes, transformational change can happen in one session occasionally, but real change takes time.  Practice does not make perfect - practice makes permanent.

From past experience blocks of 3 or 5 sessions is a great way of setting, and equipping you with the tools to achieve your adventure.

  • Block of 3 sessions -     £180

  • Block of 5 sessions -     £290

  • Block of 10 sessions -   £540


I worked closely with Neil as a trainer and coach and can recommend him wholeheartedly as both. His natural honesty, compassion and insight make him extremely effective at helping others reach their full potential. After working with him, I felt more confident in myself and more able to capitalise on my strengths; he also helped me develop a fresh perspective on the areas we focussed on.  As a trainer, Neil is authentic, sincere and engaging - his sessions are thought provoking and effective. As a mentor, he excels at close, active listening and his advice is well-tailored not just to the situation but the individual. He is unfailingly generous with his time and his approach to what he does. I really hope to work with him again someday.

Head of Prospect Development at London Business School

Brilliant coach! Tick all the boxes. Excellent techniques with a real human approach. I feel lucky that Neil was my coach for several months. His support helped me to look at performance and goals in a different way so I could improve my personal achievements. Thank you Neil!