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Business planning/Creating a compelling vision/Executive Coaching/Leadership and Management skills/Work-life balance/Dealing with Imposter Syndrome


This offering of mine is aimed at a purely business audience.  I work with entrepreneurs on being self-employed and with Senior Executives to drive their businesses forwards.  I've specifically labelled this offer as Business Coaching rather than Executive Coaching for a reason. 

Executive Coaching

Business Coaching

Imposter syndrome

Work-life balance

Executive Coaching is a misnomer in my opinion.  When I've worked with Executives/Directors it's normally focused on one of two things (or of course both, it's OK to want it all!).  It's either purely business focused looking at business goals, cultural alignment and leadership; or it has a more self-focused approach, looking at skills gaps, personal development and confidence issues such as imposter syndrome.

Having worked as a Senior L&D Consultant, I bring to the table many years of leadership and management training, combined with experience of working in a wide variety of corporate environments.

Currently, in these times of Covid, sessions are delivered via video conferencing.  Once out the other end of lockdowns I would normally use a mix of face to face and video conferencing sessions.

Business coaching requires a period of time so that learning from sessions can be acted on, tested, reviewed, revised and implemented.

I offer business coaching as a block of six sessions for £3K plus reasonable expenses if travel is required.  Normally sessions 1, 3 and 6 would be in person; the others via video call.


I asked Neil to do some work with my team - running a £15m turnover business at the time. He was clearly someone with expertise and passion in personal and professional development and able to link the two. Neil ran a great coaching training session for the team. A man of professionalism, integrity and insight.

Liam Donnison

Managing Director, Education Services

Neil coached me for a period of a month or so and helped me develop vital time management skills and navigate a number of tricky situations. His coaching style was very subtle and felt much less like obvious coaching ( which I personally can find a bit frustrating). His knowledge of different techniques for time management and prioritization was vast and allowed me to develop a methodology that worked for me. It gave me a number of options that could adapt to different demands and situations. Everyone I work with at Cancer Research UK found Neil's coaching skills exceptional and extremely valuable.

High Value Communications Manager at NSPCC