Why The FearLess Knight?

I've spent much of my life doing things that have scared me. Let's face it many of us do. 
I've done jobs that pushed me. 
I've taken part, and still do, in adventurous running events. 
I've dealt with redundancy, school and work placed bullying, depression. 
I have suffered from M.E. for the past 16 years and yet kept going. 


Fear can be a powerful block to living life, but it can also be a powerful motivator. 
So my coaching, consulting and training is about helping people like you and me to fear less. 
Not to remove fear but to choose when it's right for you to feel it and use it to thrive. 


I want to help you choose the right adventures you need to achieve, to live the life you want and give you the personal tools to make them happen.

'Ok Neil, that's all very interesting but why a Knight?'  

That's a great question.  Knights, to me, are all about chivalry.

Chivalry: “In short, chivalry is — a choice. The choice to do the right things, for the right reasons, at the right times.” (Chivalry Today)

That's my aim, for both myself and others.  How life changing would it be for you to be confident enough and believe in yourself enough to do that whenever you want?
 I'm always up for a new adventure, are you?

I live by that chivalry and try to do the right things. 


I do as much philanthropic work as possible through my www.dokindness.co.uk initiative where I offer Distance Reiki, Pet Portraits and Button Jewellery for 30% charity donations.  I also run a micro-foodbank out of a cupboard outside my house and the Do Kindness Facebook Group where we share kindness stories and actions.


Your coach


Neil Bailey

Life Coach, Executive Coach and Mentor, Learning and Development Consultant, NLP Master Practitioner, Counsellor, Corporate Trainer.

This is the experience I bring to help you on your adventure.

19 years Life Coaching

15 years Executive and business coaching and mentoring

16 years corporate training

24 years counselling

That's a cumulative total of 74 years of skills and experience available to you and your life's adventure.


Neil is an exceptional coach. I spent several days shopping around for the right person to help. It happened to be the weekend when I contacted Neil. He got back to me despite it being a Saturday. I appreciated this ever so much because when you are desperate for change, you do hope for help imminently. 

We talked the next day… a Sunday… for an introductory discussion. He spent more time than any other coaches understanding my situation and already I felt like he had helped me. It was so thorough that I thought maybe I would be charged for the time we talked but it was free. I was so impressed already and the rapport was excellent. 


The sessions exceeded what I had hoped for. Neil gets straight to the root of the problem and works quickly to help you. I gained so much from each session. I learned skills that I can carry around with me forever. Neil was without a doubt, the best coach for me.


At first I was a bit apprehensive about working over Skype. I thought I needed to work with someone one-to-one but actually working remotely was not a problem at all. It made it more affordable and saved time and money on travel. 


When I was first looking for a coach, my problems seemed insurmountable. But I only needed three sessions with Neil to gain equilibrium again and see the positive changes I wanted. If I ever needed any coaching in the future, I would contact Neil without hesitation. I was very lucky to find such a highly skilled coach and right on my doorstep. A coach of his calibre I thought you would only find in a metropolitan city. 


I can’t thank Neil enough for affecting my life so dramatically, positively and quickly. 

Joanne Wood, Essex